How to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

Welcome to Diamond Skin Clinic, the beauty centre and salon with an emphasis on working with nature to enhance your beauty.

You see, nature is a very powerful force in beautifying the body. In fact, when switched on and enhanced, your body's natural healing ability is many times stronger than any other beauty treatment or regime. And unlike other beauty processes, our processes do not harm the body.

How does Diamond Skin Clinic work with the body to enhance your beauty?

Through years of clinical research into beauty and the body, researchers have discovered that by balancing and

enhancing certain functions of the body with leading edge treatments, the body literally transforms itself.
When your body begins functioning seemlessly, messages are sent through the body that tell your body to lose weight, or tighten sagging skin, or clear up acne, or any number of beauty outcomes. Just browse this website to see the many different outcomes your body is able to perform.
No where else in Brisbane can you expect such amazing beauty make-overs!

Because this is such a new (and yet as you’ll discover, as old as the ages) approach to beauty and inner health available in Australia, we offer comprehensive free trial consultations.

You’ll learn about how you can naturally take off centimetres, tighten sagging skin, clear up skin blemishes, give you a natural 'face-lift' and more. Click here to book a free consultation.

From this ... to this! Click on a photo to find out how...

Nowhere else in Brisbane can you expect such amazing beauty makeovers!

The Diamond Skin Clinic Story...

Diamond Skin Clinic's routes can be traced back to two key events. The first event was back in 1934 in a small village in Scotland when a Celtic herbalist passed on his 50 years of experience, passion and herbal secrets to his excited son... Go to the About Us section to read on...

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

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Online Customer Reviews

From the moment I stepped inside Diamond Skin Clinic, the ambiance was amazing.
Rosa Acimovic (Westlake, Qld)

Diamond Skin Clinic is my second home. If I had it my way I would be there every day.
Svea Staby (Kenmore, Qld)

On Saturday two friends and I booked a day Clinic for my hen's and we had the best time.
Merja Robinson (Brisbane)

How does Diamond Skin Clinic work with the body to enhance your beauty? Read more...


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If you are interested in improving the appearance or the elasticity of your skin, go to the section on skin. If you are interested in fat and cellulite melting away, go to the section on body weight. If you are interested in general health and beauty treatments, go to the section on health and beauty.

And of course, if you are interested in the traditional beauty treatments, we offer them too... Click here to see the various traditional treatments we offer.

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